At Marina International Junior School, we have realized that it is good to ’catch them when they are young.’ This adage and allowing children to do what they are passionate about, outside the formal classroom setting, has helped us realize that learning through fun is an integral part of the teaching-learning process for children during their early years.

Over the years we have observed that being able to offer our children a wide range of extra-curricular activities not only makes school life more challenging and interesting, but encourages them to become creative, independent, confident and enriches their lives.

Teachers, students and even interested ancillary staff choose activities that they are passionate about. The teachers are encouraged to develop a proposal with equipment needed. The school provides the equipment. A weekly plan of activities is done and given to the coordinator who ensures that they are followed.

To minimize loitering, as most of the children are young, there is a team of three teachers known as the Emergency Response Unit that helps the children to locate their clubs, especially the younger children and some who would only want to roam about. These teachers also step in for teachers who are absent.

Extra-curricular activities (ECA) are conducted outside our regular class teaching, on Wednesdays after school, from 3.00 – 4.00pm. It is mandatory that every child belongs to a club. The students can change their clubs every term. This selection is done with parental consent. The students can stay in the same club, if they so wish. Teachers however stay in the same club for one academic year.

Below is a list of clubs for 2018/2019 academic year. This will always be updated.

1. Young Scientists Club
2. Debating Club
3. Choir/Singing Club
4. Hair Braiding / Plaiting Club
5. Cooking Club
6. Story Telling Club
7. Sports Club (includes Rounders, Group Skipping, Athletics, etc. etc.)
8. Football Club
9. Drama Club
10. Martial Arts Club
11. Basketball Club
12. Table Tennis Club
13. Craft Club
14. School Magazine Club
15. Colouring Club
16. Crochet Club
17. Performing Arts Club
18. Class / Board Games Club
19. Leadership Club
20. Dance Club
21. Girls Club
22. Marble Designs (Arts & Craft) (Includes printing, papier marche, string and marbling, stencils, collage, recycling all materials etc.)
23. Sewing Club
24. Boxing Club
25. Fun With Video
26. Fitness Club
27. Walking Club
28. Simple Games
29. Modern Gospel