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Web-Based Learning

 Khan Academy

100% free and covers a wide range of subjects. Particularly strong in STEM subjects. English, Grammar, Math, Science and so much more. From Pre-KG to High School. Probably one of the best tutors you will find.


Over 1,000 short animated movies for grades K-12 in all subjects, with quizzes and related materials.


ReadWorks is an online resource of reading passages and lesson plans for students of all levels K-12.

IXL Learning

IXL gives teachers everything they need to personalize learning, with a comprehensive K-12 curriculum

Starfall Reading

Targeted at K-3 for teaching basic English reading and writing skills. Lots of games and phonics.


Leveled readings to build literacy skills.

Scholastic Learning

Scholastic has created a learning hub that provides 20 days of learning experiences for students in grades PreK-9+ across the content areas.


Free writing and grammar activities for K-12. Includes lessons for teachers to lead writing instruction as well as diagnostics.


Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship can be defined as the norms of behavior with regard to technology use. This includes the electronic exchange of information, responsibility for electronic actions and deeds, physical safety, and well-being in a digital world.

The purpose of embedding a digital citizenship curriculum by Common Sense Education in school is to discuss with students the examples of appropriate and inappropriate etiquette, access to digital content, and electronic communication behaviors and strategies they can adopt to become better digital citizens. Common Sense is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to empowering students to thrive in the world of media and technology and supporting them in harnessing the positive power of media. Further information about Common Sense can be accessed on the link Commonsensemedia.org

Developing the Digital citizenship program in our school aims to help define students’ behavior and facilitate the development of well-rounded, technology-savvy students.

Everything you need to know  to teach digital citizenship

Family Engagement Tool


Virtual Tours and Experiences

National Park Virtual Tours

Design Squad Global/PBS Kids

Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips

National Geographic Virtual Classroom Experiences